10 photos your should take in Australia

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Do you want the coolest photos on Instagram? Would you like a good mix of classic images and the ones that everyone else doesn’t have? Then this list is for you.

Get your visa sorted for your round trip to Australia and make sure you have your camera ready, because it’s time to get moving!

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1. Three Sisters, Blue Mountains

The “Three Sisters of the Blue Mountains” are three giant sandstones that stand beautifully against the green and lush Jamison Valley in the background. To get the best shot, keep an eye on the weather forecast as the weather in the Blue Mountains is very changeable and especially foggy in the morning hours.

We recommend taking the perfect shot early in the morning for sunrise or just before sunset if you can find a pristine spot along The Three Sisters Walk.

This place will blow you away and is a delight on your adventure journey!

View of the rock formation called the Three Sisters of the Blue Mountains

2. Brighton Bathing Boxes

82 different bathing boxes in every color of the rainbow overlooking Brighton Beach. Here you can get one of the best photos in Australia. This place will make your camera overheat! These very iconic bathhouses come in all color combinations and one of them is even painted like the Australian flag.

It’s open 24 hours a day, but it gets very crowded during the day. The advice from here is therefore clear. Go early, early, early!

6 bathing boxes in different colours on the beach

3. Noosa Heads Sunset

One of the most beautiful sunsets in Australia can be found at Noosa Heads, where the sun sets as surfers search for the perfect wave.

For the best view, walk The Coastal Walk from the start of Noosa National Park to Hell’s Gates. We recommend leaving early so you can walk back with the sunset facing you. Here you’ll find the best lookouts at The Fairy Pools and Dolphin Point.

A great picture can also be had by staying at The Fairy Pools during the sunset, because here you can sit on a cliff top, undisturbed and without a care in the world.

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Sunset over Noosa Heads

4. Mick Schamburg Park Lookout

The name alone is cool, isn’t it?

Located in the Gold Coast, The Miami Stairs are a set of very colorful steps with a heart at the top. The perfect shot is taken straight on or from a frog’s eye view, either with no people or with a person walking up the stairs. There are only good angles of the Gold Coast, which is a must-see on your tour of Australia.

If you continue up the stairs, the action really picks up as you reach the most beautiful lookout on your left. Here you get a 180-degree view of the coastline and the beautiful Gold Coast skyline. It’s absolutely stunning! It’s generally beautiful around the clock, but the most memorable shots are at sunrise, when you’ll have it all to yourself.

People taking pictures of the sunset from Mick Schamburg Park Lookout

5. Bondi Icebergs

If you’re going to take photos in Australia without tourists here, you’ll either need to be in a movie shoot or own the place, because it’s almost impossible. Bondi Icebergs is incredibly popular, and again, your best chance of a secluded shot will be in the early morning hours.

If you’re ready with your camera and your most fashionable swimwear when the baths open at 6am, you should have a chance of getting the perfect shot in the morning sunlight. Another option is to take the beautiful trip to the Bronte Baths, which can give you much the same picture.

Bondi Beach swimming pool by the ocean

6. The Umpherston Sinkhole

Twenty meters deep and fifty meters wide, Umpherston Sinkhole is a giant green hole in the ground and we love it!

The best time to take your photo of this natural wonder is between 12-2pm, when the sun is directly in the center, providing amazing light and a perfect balance to the image. Unlike the picture here, we recommend taking it from a frog’s perspective and have a fish-eye lens for your camera or phone.

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A giant green hole in the ground

7. Loch Ard Gorge

The story goes that the only two survivors of the Loch Ard shipwreck were a young couple who washed up on this beach in 1878, which is why this place has a special romantic aura about it.

The perfect photo can be taken in a number of ways, but we suggest that the rocks are on either side and you are in the middle. We recommend taking the photo down on the beach itself, walking towards the water with your back to the water or from the cliff in front of the beach, sitting down and focusing on the view.

Or how about a group shot? Loch Ard Gorge is full of photo opportunities in Australia!

The view of the bay with it´s cliffs and sandy beach at Loch Ard Gorge

8. Princes Pier

Sunrise at Princes Pier in Melbourne makes your hair stand up and your life come together. This pier has been on fire many times and today only the foundations remain, giving you a unique view of the 196 remaining wooden beams. It’s atypical places like this that make adventure travel special

We recommend taking the photo at sunrise, but this place is truly beautiful around the clock. If you play around with the colors when editing afterwards, you’ll really make the old foundation shine. The interplay between the sun and the burnt beams is a match made in heaven!

Numerous of wooden foundations standing in the water at Princes Pier

9. Melbourne Graffiti Alleys

A somewhat atypical image from your trip to Australia, but super authentic and a great story about the diverse city of Melbourne.

This city boasts a wide range of deeply impressive street art, and we especially recommend you check out Hosier Lane, Centre Place and Duckboard Place. Blend in and play with the light in these captivating streets.

An alley in the dark with buildings covered in graffiti

10. Figure 8 pools

The road to this natural wonder in the Royal National Park is 3.5 km long and we promise you it’s worth the photo.

Be sure to check the weather beforehand, because a picture in a natural pool in the rain and sleet just isn’t the same as in blue skies and baking sun.

This is another very popular spot where many group tours pass by, so arrive early and try to take the photo from above as much as possible to get the figure eight in the frame.

A woman bading in a natural pool shaped like the number eight

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Remember to enjoy the moment – mental images are just as important!

It’s better to take too many pictures than too few while you’re there, because you never know when you’ll be back. However, remember to enjoy the moment and take some mental pictures, because your real pictures can always be adjusted to suit your needs. Mental images can’t. Flash away, arrive in good time and enjoy your tour of Australia.

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