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These terms and conditions govern the contractual relationship between Trinus Travels and the customer. 

1. Offers & acceptance of offers

The actual agreement on the purchase of a package tour between the customer and Trinus Travels is concluded and binding on both parties when the customer accepts the offer.

The offer is deemed to be accepted upon the first payment of the deposit or the full amount of the trip. Acceptance of the offer must be made within the deadline stated in the offer. Trinus Travels is not bound by the offer if it is not accepted within the stated deadline.

2. Travel documents

After the conclusion of the agreement, Trinus Travels will send all relevant travel documents to the customer. Upon receipt, the customer is then obliged to review the submitted material and, if the information does not match the agreed upon, immediately respond to Trinus Travels. If any discrepancies are due to the customer’s circumstances, the costs associated with this will be borne by the customer. If changes are not possible, the customer cannot hold Trinus Travels liable. If the customer does not receive the travel documents within 7 days of the conclusion of the agreement, Trinus Travels must be contacted.

2.1 Vouchers w./u. open dates and the customer’s own responsibility

Vouchers with open dates

Each voucher indicates a recommended deadline by which the customer should inform Trinus Travels of his/her desired date. However, it is generally recommended to verify your booking and dates around 7 days before the desired date. However, it is often possible to wait until a few days before, but it is important to emphasize that it is the customer’s own responsibility to verify their booking. Verification is generally done by the individual venue whose details are listed on the individual voucher.

Vouchers with fixed dates

It is the customer’s responsibility to redeem the voucher on the booked date. If you wish to change the date, please contact the individual location on the voucher. It is also possible to contact Trinus Travels, who will help to the best of their ability. Trinus Travels will of course help to change the date if possible, but if this is not the case, Trinus Travels is not responsible.

Confirmation of vouchers

To ensure the best service and availability, it is recommended to confirm your booking, whether it is a fixed or open date voucher, at least 48 hours in advance.

3. Price & Payment

General information

The final price of the trip includes all services (flights, activities, accommodation, meals etc.) mentioned in the final offer.

The final price of the trip also includes all mandatory taxes and fees.

A handling fee of 125kr will be added to the final price of the trip. This includes several small amounts, statutory insurances and contributions to the travel guarantee fund, which are combined in one for the customer’s overview.

Opting out of airline tickets

If the customer chooses to opt out of airline tickets, a fee of DKK 500 per person will be charged.

Fees and taxes at the destinations

In some cases, local fees, entrance fees or taxes will be charged at the destinations, which Trinusrejser cannot include in the price, as these are usually charged directly on site.


If you choose to pay by installment via Viabill, their respective terms and conditions apply and can be found on their website.

4. Deposit & Final payment

It is up to each individual customer how payment is made. There are primarily 2 approaches to payment:

Payment of the full price of the trip, including airfare, at the conclusion of the agreement.
Deposit of 25% of the price of the trip (however, minimum €200 per person), and payment of airline tickets at the conclusion of the agreement. The balance must be paid no later than 60 days before departure.
The agreement is not concluded until the first payment has been received. If the deadline for payment is exceeded, Trinus Travels obligation to deliver lapses.

If payment is made via Viabill, please refer to their terms and conditions.

5. Cancellation and right of withdrawal

When purchasing package tours, there is no right of withdrawal, cf. section 18, paragraph 2, no. 12 of the Consumer Contracts Act.

In the event of cancellation, the customer will be refunded part of the amount paid.

More than 60 days before departure, the customer loses the deposit paid. If the customer has paid the full amount at the conclusion of the agreement, the customer will lose the corresponding deposit.

Between 59-30 days before departure, the customer is refunded 50% of the price of the trip.

Less than 30 days before departure, the customer will not be refunded.

Airline tickets, admin. Fees and any card fees are non-refundable after the agreement has been made, regardless of time. For certain types of travel and services, cancellation conditions may vary. If this is the case, this will be stated before the final conclusion of the agreement. There will always be an administration fee of 3% of the price of the trip.

In the event of acts of war, natural disasters, etc.

The customer may cancel the package tour free of charge if, within a period of 14 days before the start of the package tour, acts of war, natural disasters, life-threatening and infectious diseases or other similar events occur at the destination or in the immediate vicinity of the destination.

In order for the customer to cancel free of charge, events that justify cancellation must be established and/or documented in a sufficiently objective manner, for example by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, health authorities, etc. See e.g. and

For round trips, the customer can only cancel the part of the trip that takes place at the advised destination free of charge. However, if this part of the trip is a significant part, the customer can cancel the entire trip.

In case of illness

It is recommended that the customer purchases a cancellation insurance that covers the costs that may arise in the event of cancellation due to acute illness.

6. Changes to the trip

At the customer’s request

If the customer wants something changed, the customer bears the cost of the change per person. This is provided that the change is made more than 30 days before departure. Airline tickets and certain other services cannot be changed after the agreement has been made. If the customer is in doubt about the conditions for specific parts of the package tour, please contact Trinus Travels prior to the conclusion of the agreement.

Changes made by Trinus Travels

If Trinus Travels is forced to cancel the trip, or the completion of the trip as agreed is not possible, the customer will be informed as soon as possible. If changes are made that are of a significant nature or the trip is completely canceled through no fault of the customer, the customer has the following rights

After notification of the changes, the customer must notify Trinus Travels of his or her choice of one of the above options. If the customer chooses a package tour of higher value, the customer will pay the difference in price. If the customer chooses a package tour of lower value, Trinusrejser will refund the price difference to the customer.

Minimum number of participants/Cancellations before the start of the trip

Should the trip depend on a minimum number of participants, and it turns out that the number of participants is insufficient, this is a valid reason for Trinus Travels to cancel the trip. This takes place no later than 4 weeks before departure, and the traveler is entitled to a refund of the full amount paid for the travel program and airfare if the ticket was purchased through Trinus Travels. Own airline tickets or land arrangements are not refundable. The traveler cannot claim compensation.

7. Price increases

Trinus Travels may change the price of a package tour if this occurs more than 20 days before departure, cf. the Package Travel Act. This is only possible if the increase is due to changes in fuel prices, airline taxes and exchange rates.

8. Travel insurance & cancellation insurance

It is the customer’s own responsibility to take out relevant travel insurance and any cancellation insurance. Trinus Travels strongly recommends that you always take out travel insurance before the start of your trip. An example of a travel insurance provider is Daily Health Insurance Group.

9. Passports, Visas & Vaccinations

It is the customer’s responsibility to be in possession of the following documents:

If the customer is in doubt about which documents are necessary for the completion of the trip, please contact Trinusrejser. If the customer does not have a Danish passport or dual citizenship, the customer must contact Trinusrejser for proper guidance.

10. Defects & complaints

If the customer discovers a defect after commencement of the trip, it is the customer’s duty to contact the subcontractor stated on the corresponding voucher immediately after the defect is discovered. If the problem is not resolved to the customer’s full satisfaction, it is the customer’s duty to contact Trinus Travels as soon as possible so that the defect can be remedied.

If the customer fails to complain as described above, this may have consequences for the right to subsequently invoke the defect and the right to compensation.

If the subcontractor or Trinus Travels offers to remedy the defect, the customer cannot refuse and cancel the agreement. This applies if the remedy takes place in a reasonable time, is free of charge for the customer and at the same time is not considered a significant inconvenience to the customer.

11. Customer’s responsibilities – summarized

Customer’s responsibility before travel

Health formalities
Trinus Travels is not trained as a medical professional and therefore refers the traveler to It is the traveler’s own responsibility to obtain the necessary vaccinations before departure.

Trinus Travels must have information about any physical and mental disorders that may affect the traveler during the trip or activities included in the trip.

Scuba diving
In connection with diving courses, it is the traveler’s own responsibility to investigate whether there are any illnesses or allergies that may prevent the traveler from completing a diving course. At the same time, the traveler must complete the course and comply with the international rules for a PADI course.

Airline tickets
Airline tickets must be used in the correct order. If the traveler does not use the flight tickets in the correct order, the airline will cancel the remaining flight legs. Therefore, the traveler cannot use only certain legs of a flight. For example, the traveler cannot only use the return ticket.

The traveler must have completed any check-in in accordance with the times and places indicated in the itinerary or other clear instructions for the last check-in on the outbound and return journey. The traveler is responsible for drawing attention to himself/herself in the check-in queue if the traveler anticipates that he/she will not be able to complete the check-in within the stated times.

Timely attendance
In cases where the traveler cannot arrive at the airport on time, the traveler must contact the airline in question and inform them of the late arrival. If the traveler does not reach a satisfactory solution with the airline, the traveler must contact Trinus Travels and their own travel insurance. If it is not possible for Trinus Travels to help the traveler, it will be the travel insurance company that must help the traveler. Airline tickets cannot be refunded or canceled due to late arrival.

If the traveler is traveling to other countries in addition to the country arrangement purchased through Trinus Travels, it is the traveler’s responsibility to check whether there is a visa requirement for the countries the traveler is visiting.

Activities in the program
In general, for all activities planned by Trinus Travels that are included in the program, the guide may refuse the traveler participation in an activity if it is not safe. The traveler cannot claim compensation for refusal of activities.

Rules of order
The traveler must comply with the rules of conduct that apply to all subcontractors of the package tour, such as hotels, airports, means of transport, etc.

The traveler must behave in such a way that fellow travelers do not feel inconvenienced. In serious or repeated cases, inappropriate behavior may lead to the traveler being expelled by Trinus Travels or its representatives from further participation in the trip. In such cases, the traveler is responsible for their own repatriation and expenses incurred as a result. In the event of expulsion, the traveler is not entitled to receive any kind of refund of the price of the package tour.

The tour operator is not responsible for the exercise of public authority, including but not limited to police intervention/action against the traveler in connection with the traveler’s inappropriate behavior. In such situations, the traveler is responsible for any expenses that the traveler may incur, just as the traveler cannot make claims against the tour operator and will not be entitled to a refund of the price of the package tour.

If the traveler does not comply with the requirements for passports, visas, health formalities, the correct name on the travel documents, the rules on timely attendance and the rules of order, the traveler cannot make a claim against Trinus Travels, the intermediary or the subcontractor for the package tour for the consequences, defects, inconvenience or loss caused by the failure to comply with the traveler’s general obligations.

13. Customer & Privacy Policy

We do not resell personal information and do not disclose your personal information to others, it is only registered in our customer database. You can have your data deleted at any time.

We register your personal data for the purpose of delivering the product/service to you.

The personal data is registered with Trinus Travels and stored for up to five years, after which the data is deleted.

When personal data is collected via our website, we ensure that it is always done with your explicit consent, so that you are informed of exactly what data is collected and why.

The director and employees of Trinus Travels have access to the information registered about you.

The data controller in Trinus Travels is Daniel Roberts

We do not store and transmit customer information encrypted.

As registered with Trinus Travels, you always have the right to object to the registration. You also have the right to insight into what information is registered about you. You have these rights under the Personal Data Act and inquiries in this regard should be directed to [email protected].

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Complaint options

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In case of a complaint, our email address must be stated: [email protected] and the website you purchased the item on.

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