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Travelling on your own, often referred to as solo travel or tailor your own trip, comes with many benefits that can make it a highly rewarding and enriching experience. Perhaps the most obvious advantage of solo travel is the freedom to plan your itinerary, activities, and pace according to your preferences. You don’t need to compromise or negotiate with others in a group, allowing you to be entirely in control of your journey.

The downside of course, means a lot more planning is usually required than allowing a group leader to organise things for you. Planning independent travel can be both exciting and challenging, but with some thoughtful steps and organization, you can create a memorable and enjoyable trip.

Perhaps the easiest way to navigate the pitfalls of independent travel is to talk to a professional travel advisor. You will be surprised by how much travel we have done and how many mistakes we have made and can pass on to you, to avoid.

Another thing to keep in mind when travelling on your own, is that challenges may occur, such as the bus being delayed, the ferry being cancelled or the hotel does not match your expectations. These are all challenges you accept you may face, when deciding to travel on your own. But fear not, we promise and guarantee you will grow from this and you will so much more in power, when you have solved a challenge. 

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Things to think about travelling independently:
Being self-reliant and self-confident

Travelling solo can give a real sense of self-discovery and personal growth.Travel is not without challenges - everything that can go wrong often does - weather delays, missed flights, lost passports, language difficulties and so much more. Being self-confident to navigate such unfamiliar environments, overcome these challenges, and accomplish things on your own is a great way to build resilience and self-assurance. All travel challenges you to step out of your comfort zone, face uncertainties, and overcome obstacles.

Flexibility versus planned

With no fixed agenda, you can be spontaneous, seize unexpected opportunities, adapt to those challenging situations as they arise, and make last-minute changes to your plans. The flip side is the risk of missing out. In many destinations accommodation, transport and activities can be booked out, there is no doubt that last-minute travel is more expensive - cheaper rates can be achieved by pre-booking or group booking.

Budgeting on the run versus fixed budget

Of course, when you travel alone, you have full control over your expenses. You can choose budget-friendly accommodations, dining options, and activities. However, what you might discover is that you pre-budget plans can often go-awry. Last minute changes, unexpected surcharges, mis-information on costs. Where as in group travel you can be pretty sure of your expected travel costs when travelling independently you should always leave room in the budget for unexpected costs or emergencies.

While solo travel certainly has its advantages, it’s essential to stay safe and plan carefully, especially in unfamiliar destinations. Having a personal travel advisor who you can maintain regular communication with to ensure your well-being while on the road, and get advice or helping bookings things along the way is a really good idea.

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Our top tips for solo travellers:

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