10 photos you should take in Tasmania

Tasmania is a picture book with endless chapters

For many, Tasmania is relatively unfamiliar territory and a destination that doesn’t ring many bells. But if we’re being honest, the scenery down there doesn’t get much more beautiful than anywhere else in the world. World-class waterfalls, cliffs galore and countless lookouts are just some of the scenic wonders you can experience in Tasmania on your tour of Australia.

So where can you take the most beautiful photos? We’ve found ten places that are sure to have you snapping away.

Silhouette of a person holding a camera with an orange sunset in the horizon

1. Maria Island Painted Cliffs

Just a 30-minute ferry ride from Triabunna on Tasmania’s east coast, you’ll find the mountainous Maria Island. The ‘Painted Cliffs’ are a set of spectacular cliffs in beautiful white and sandy hues that make tourists and locals alike flock there every year.

The perfect picture is determined by the forces of nature, specifically the tides, so we recommend keeping up to date on various media outlets or checking with the locals.

The Painted Cliffs, a set of spectacular cliffs in beautiful white and sandy hues in Maria Island

2. Top of the neck – Bruny Island

279 steps to the top, 360 degree views of Bruny Island and the chance to spot penguins! It doesn’t get much more idyllic than that, does it?

Easily accessible from Hobart, the Top of the Neck is arguably one of Tasmania’s most worthwhile lookouts on an adventure trip.

From up here you can see water as far as the eye can see and nature’s colors in more shades than you knew possible.

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The view of the stairs and the nature at Burny Island, Tasmania

3. Totem Pole

National Geographic calls climbing this rock one of the most dangerous in the world, but fear not, you don’t have to climb to get your dream shot. Totem Pole is best photographed from the water, so a boat trip with one of the local adventure agencies is the perfect solution. Here you also have the opportunity to spot whales and dolphins. Scientists have been saying for years that the rock could collapse at any moment, so you’d better book your trip now if you want to make it!

The Totem Pole seen from the water

4. Three Capes Track

Australia’s highest cliffs, 48 kilometers of hiking and four days to complete. The Three Capes Track is located “at the end of the world”. The road is long, the weather can be harsh and the walk is tough, but trust us, The Three Capes Track is worth it.

The entire hike is a long montage of images coming to life, and especially Cape Pillar and The Blade will make your eyes water. This hike requires money and good planning, so start saving up and remember to book 6-12 months before departure.

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The beautiful site of Cape Hauy cliff on the Three Capes Track

5. Aurora Australis – The Southern Lights

You may have heard of the Northern Lights up in Norway, but have you heard of the Southern Lights, one of the world’s most explosive and impressive collection of colors?

The Aurora Australis, as it’s known, is best seen from Mount Wellington, and the higher up you go, the more chance you have of getting a front row view. Your best chance of catching this wonder is between March and September.

Beautiful sight of Aurora Australis dancing on the night sky

6. Russell Falls

Take a deep breath and let nature do its thing, because here comes Russell Falls, arguably the most famous waterfall in Tasmania. Russell Falls is the waterfall for those who don’t want a long hike, but just want to get to their destination quickly and easily for one of the most stunning photos of your tour.

As is always the case with waterfalls, the best photos are taken the day after a heavy rainfall, so we recommend keeping a close eye on the weather forecast. If all conditions are right, this could be one of the most stunning images in Tasmania!

The beautiful waterfall, Russell Falls and the surrounding lush nature

7. Strathgordon Dam

This is one of the most beautiful drives in Tasmania. The road to this impressive dam is not only about the destination, but also the journey to get there.

The Gordon River Road is your route to The Strathgordon Dam and the incredible structure is well worth the drive. The drive there takes you through the spectacular Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park and you’ll be treated to one spectacular view after another.

The view from above of The Strathgordon Dam

8. Swing Bridge Montezuma Falls

At 103 meters high, Montezuma Falls is Tasmania’s highest waterfall. The waterfall itself calls for some unforgettable photos, but an equally memorable picture can be taken on the so-called swing bridge. With the bridge in the center of the frame and your travel companions lined up in a row, you’ll have a great photo to remember your tour of Australia’s Tasmania. A swing bridge in Tasmania? That’s pure adventure.

The swing bridge in Montezuma Falls surrounded with lush nature

9. Tasman Arch

South of Hobart you’ll find this five-star wonder of a rock for taking photos in Tasmania. Shaped like an arch, with a huge hole in the middle, you’ll hardly find a natural rock better equipped for a photo or two. The perfect shot is taken with you, your partner or everyone in your group sitting on the plateau, with the cliff in the background, looking out over the magnificent view. This is nature at its best and a stunning sight to add to your Tasmania best photos experience.

A rock shaped like an arch with trees growing on top and blue waters underneath

10. Liffey Falls

Deep in the rainforest you’ll find one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island. Liffey Falls is best experienced from July to October, as these months produce large amounts of rain. The waterfall is easy to get to and can be done in just 45 minutes by parking in the upper parking lot. However, we recommend taking the two-hour hike starting from the first parking lot to get the most nature for your money.

The sight of the waterfall, Liffey Falls

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Don’t forget to charge your camera for Tasmania!

Tasmania is the epitome of adventure and your tour of Australia wouldn’t be complete without a trip to this magical island with plenty of picture-worthy moments. We’ve got the coolest trips ready for you and we’re here day and night to help you along the way.

The world is open, only you set the limits. Want to get down and take the best photos in Tasmania?

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