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Types of trips
  • An incredible turtle conservation project in one of the world’s most undiscovered locations
  • 8-days active involvement in turtle protection in Papua New Guinea
  • Work with passionate locals to protect turtle nests from poachers and natural predators
  • Learn about the harm humans can do to elephants by so-called training them
  • Volunteer for 7-days in a unique natural environment elephant sanctuary
  • Immerse yourself in the lives of the elephants to help with the re-assimilation of the elephants back into their natural habitat after a lifetime of human abuse.
  • 100% hands off program. You will NOT be touching any elephants while helping out throughout the week of your stay.
  • An incredibly rewarding experience
  • Live in a local community in the small town of Moshi in Tanzania.
  • Work with a local to repair and rebuild one of the local community schools over 12 days.
  • Clean beaches
  • Educate the local and tourists about the importance
  • Collect data on water quality or marine life
  • Attend Spanish lessons in the morning and work in the afternoon
  • learn to work in rural Australia on a farm or station
  • Working Holiday to the other side of the world
  • Big cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide
  • learn about animals, tractors, quad-bikes, navigation, 4WD driving, vehicle maintenance, safety on a farm and of course smoko.
  • local partners will help you get your bank account, tax number, medicare and superannuation all set up.
  • Covered by the Travel Guarantee Fund in Denmark
  • 100% climate-neutral travel
  • Professional travel experts and local guides
  • We do all the planning for you
  • Personalized meetings before departure
  • 24/7 emergency telephone
  • Your own personal travel profile with program, add-ons, flight tickets etc.
  • Packing list and advice
  • Certification of participation
  • Advice and assistance with booking flights
  • Possibility of purchasing cancellation and travel insurance
  • All entrances and fees for experiences
  • All tour accommodation
  • Incredible 12-day Marine Conservation based program in Cairns
  • Become a certified diver 
  • Get actively involved in reef and sea turtle conservation, be a positive force for change in the conservation movement.
  • Receive an AWARE Coral Reef Conservation recognition and/or a Project AWARE Specialist recognition.
  • Employment info session
  • Resume writing and interview advice
  • Access to a nationwide employment database
  • Access to a farmwork handbook and database
  • Weekly jobs email
  • Explore Melbourne with a guided city walk tour
  • Street food and art tour
  • 2 day trip to Mornington Peninsula and Philip Island
  • Day and night shift surveillance of beaches and hatcheries
  • Research support: collect and log data
  • Dialogue with residents and tourists
  • Awareness raising and fundraising
  • Development and implementation of practical solutions to protect the turtles, which are compatible with the reality of life of the people on Crete
  • Bank account setup
  • Tax number organized
  • Phone sim
  • Employment info session
  • Travel meetings
  • Resume writing and interview advice
  • Access to a nationwide employment database
  • Explore Auckland with a guided city walk tour
  • Ferry trip and group dinner Devonport
  • 2 day trip to Bay of Islands and Keri Keri

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If you are a group of 4 or more people, we can help you tailor your trip. We’ll take care of all the practicalities and make sure all the details are taken care of. 

All groups have a personal travel consultant with a 24/7 emergency phone.

Specialists in study tours, families, school groups and large friend groups.

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