Spain: Beach cleaning in Bilbao

Arrival in Bilbao

Upon your arrival in Bilbao, a dedicated team member will be present at the airport to warmly welcome you and facilitate a smooth transition. They will promptly accompany you to your designated accommodation. The journey from the airport to the apartment typically spans approximately 30 minutes, ensuring your convenience and comfort throughout the process.

Orientation program in Bilbao

Commencing on Monday, the orientation program extends for approximately an hour. During this session, you will receive comprehensive guidance on navigating the city, discovering its cultural highlights, and gaining insight into various local features. Furthermore, you will gain valuable insights into your project responsibilities and the Spanish language course that awaits you. This informative orientation aims to ensure your seamless integration into the program and your surroundings.

Your first day in the project

The Spanish language course commences on the inaugural day at 9:30 a.m. and concludes by 1:30 p.m. It spans the initial two weeks of the project. A representative from the school or institute will subsequently accompany you to your designated project site. This is where you will acquaint yourself with the project, the team, and your assigned responsibilities.

Engage in this initiative aimed at beach cleanup across Spain. Through your dedicated efforts, you have the opportunity to lead by example, inspiring others to join in and contribute to nature, sea, and environmental preservation. Your actions can encourage individuals to actively participate in the cleanliness of our beaches, such as gathering litter before departing and actively supporting the cause of maintaining healthy waters and vibrant green landscapes. Let’s unite for the well-being of our oceans and the conservation of our natural environment!

What’s the matter?

Your valuable assistance is crucial as beach areas often witness human activity and lack sufficient environmental safeguards. Your dedicated volunteer engagement in this project holds significant importance in the preservation of vital ecosystems and the safeguarding of marine life.

Your service takes place within a non-profit organization, established in 2011, that actively addresses environmental challenges. The primary focus revolves around beach cleanup endeavors and raising awareness about environmental conservation.

The project’s objective encompasses enhancing sea water quality by collecting substantial amounts of litter from the beaches. This initiative also seeks to protect coastal ecosystems, maintain surfers’ havens, educate individuals about the repercussions of beach and sea pollution, and diligently clear shorelines of waste. Your involvement directly contributes to achieving these commendable goals.

Tasks as a volunteer

Your involvement in this project will primarily center around beach cleaning endeavors, involving the meticulous collection of debris from the shores. This endeavor constitutes a significant contribution to the realms of nature, environment, and marine preservation.

An integral facet of your role involves communicating the vital importance of pristine beaches to the local community, particularly for the well-being of future generations. Additionally, you will be engaged in data collection, which might encompass parameters like water quality and marine life.

Your typical workday typically commences at 10 a.m. Collaborating with fellow volunteers, you will participate in beach cleanup activities, segregating collected waste into distinct bags and containers based on waste type.

It is advisable, if possible, to bring along your own gloves, bags, and buckets. Additionally, you will partake in measurements, such as water quality assessments, which contribute to the enhancement of pollution mitigation strategies targeting beachgoer-generated waste. Your work commitment spans approximately 20 hours each week, generally distributed across morning hours. Accessing the workplace is facilitated by the metro, with a weekly ticket cost of 10 euros.

It’s important to note that during the initial two weeks of the project, your mornings will be dedicated to a Spanish language course. Consequently, your involvement in project activities during this period will primarily occur in the afternoon.

Volunteer Apartment in Bilbao, Spain

A cluster of five volunteer apartments is strategically positioned in well-regarded neighborhoods, boasting convenient access to robust public transportation networks. These accommodations encompass essential amenities including kitchens, bathrooms, and WiFi. To ensure cleanliness and order, a weekly housekeeping service tends to the premises.

Within close proximity, supermarkets and dining establishments facilitate your daily needs. The nearby urban centers of San Sebastian, Santander, and Vitoria are conveniently reachable with approximately an hour’s drive. Further adding to the appeal, the city center is a mere 30-minute subway ride away from the beaches.

Should you seek a more serene atmosphere, the option of reserving a single room is available. For additional details, kindly engage with your coordinator.


Nestled in northern Spain, Bilbao, a vibrant port and industrial hub, presents a plethora of captivating experiences awaiting your exploration. The urban landscape of this prominent Basque Country metropolis is a blend of towering skyscrapers harmonizing with traditional residences. Notably, the iconic Guggenheim Museum stands as a remarkable spectacle, its gray, arched structure commanding attention.

Yet, Bilbao’s allure extends beyond its urban core. A brief 30-minute metro ride lands you on the shores of inviting beaches, while the surrounding mountainous terrain beckons for invigorating hikes and ventures to neighboring towns. It’s important to note that the Basque Country typically veers from Spain’s stereotypical sunny weather. Although summertime offers warmth, the temperatures differ from the scorching highs of the south.

For those seeking an alternative perspective of Spain, divergent from well-trodden tourist paths, Bilbao emerges as an enticing destination. Enthusiasts of art and culinary delights will discover abundant rewards in this unique enclave.

Your free time in Bilbao

During your off-duty hours, immerse yourself in the captivating wonders of Bilbao, a city teeming with possibilities waiting to be explored!

Let the dynamic urban landscape, punctuated by soaring skyscrapers, sweep you into its rhythm, providing an array of opportunities at your fingertips. Your volunteer lodgings, conveniently nestled in the city center, grant you easy access to fitness centers, sports facilities, shopping havens, and renowned museums like the iconic Guggenheim Museum, showcasing modern art. Culinary enthusiasts are in for a treat – indulge in the delectable pintxos, a quintessential Basque Country delight, often served as small finger foods adorned with toothpicks, found in eateries and bars throughout the region.

Additionally, our offering of complimentary leisure activities, available Monday through Friday all year round, encompasses wine tastings, salsa lessons, city excursions, museum visits, and more. For those seeking leisurely delights, the beach beckons a mere 30 minutes away, inviting you to unwind or ride the waves on a surfboard. Thus, Bilbao masterfully blends the dynamism of city life with the tranquility of its coastal ambiance.

For an added dose of intrigue, embark on sightseeing tours, particularly captivating for “Game of Thrones” aficionados. Trace the footsteps of Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and Tyrion Lannister as you explore the awe-inspiring filming locations of the series. Among these, Gaztelugatxe, a picturesque island in the Bay of Biscay, stands as the embodiment of the Dragonstone Fortress, complete with a remarkable 200-meter stone bridge connecting it to the mainland.

Set your sights on the Basque Country and unveil Spain from an entirely fresh perspective!

  • Clean beaches
  • Educate the local and tourists about the importance
  • Collect data on water quality or marine life
  • Attend Spanish lessons in the morning and work in the afternoon

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included Services

Before departure

  • Individual advice and support from our trained RGV team in Munich
  • Organization including placement in the project and coordination of your stay on site Assistance with preparation: visa, health care, travel insurance, etc.
  • Non-binding flight advice
  • Travel ABC with packing list for your travel preparation
  • RGV t-shirt

On site

  • Leisure activities subject to availability (e.g. salsa dance course, wine tasting, excursions)
  • Orientation program with the team on site
  • Support and guidance from the on-site team
  • RGV 24h emergency number
  • Airport transfer on the agreed day of arrival
  • Accommodation in Volunteer Apartment
  • Two-week Spanish language course (20h/week)
    Note: Under additional services you can extend the language course by additional weeks for a fee.

After return

  • Participation confirmation of your voluntary commitment
  • Reflection course on your experiences abroad
  • Evaluation sheet and optional feedback discussion

not included Services

  • Round trip
  • Private expenses on site
  • Travel and cancellation insurance
  • Visa and Vaccinations
  • All nights outside your agreed accommodation
  • Public transport and extra transfers
  • Airport transfer on departure day
  • Daily drive to the project
  • Good food

From$1,398 / Per Person

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