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How much is a Working Holiday visa?

Applying for your Working Holiday visa will cost you AUD $510.

Can I also travel around Australia with my Working Holiday visa?

The Australian Working Holiday visa is intended to be used to earn money for going on backpacking trips in Australia. You are expected to work in short-term jobs and then travel around Australia either in between your jobs or after working for some months. Remember, you can only work for one employer for a maximum of six months.

How do I apply for a Working Holiday visa?

Applying for an Australian Working Holiday visa is super easy. Everything is done online. You can find all the details and process here.

If you’re looking to start your working adventure in Australia, Melbourne is an excellent choice. Known for its vibrant live music, cafe, restaurant, and bar scenes, Melbourne offers a wide range of job opportunities, particularly in the hospitality industry.

To help you with your job search and settle into Melbourne, there are local services available that provide comprehensive assistance. They can help you set up essential elements like your bank account, tax numbers, medicare, and superannuation. They also provide a local SIM card and offer unlimited guidance from experts on crafting your CV and handling interviews.

This package not only focuses on the practical aspects of finding a job but also ensures you get to experience Melbourne’s unique culture and attractions. You’ll go on guided city walks, explore the vibrant street food scene, and join one of the most famous pub crawls in the world. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to embark on a two-day trip to the beautiful Mornington Peninsula and Philip Island, where you can indulge in Aussie wines, spot penguins, and even have a surf lesson to embrace the Australian lifestyle.

With a wide range of job opportunities available and ongoing support from local experts, you’ll have the chance to gain valuable work experience in different roles. The package also grants you lifetime access to the local experts for advice, access to events specifically designed for Working Holiday expats, and a vast database of job opportunities.

Starting your working adventure in Melbourne provides a fantastic blend of work, cultural experiences, and the opportunity to explore the stunning surroundings.

Mini Packs

Want all the practical stuff for getting a job like bank account, superannuation, tax number, sim card, and medicare without the cool pub crawls and tours and party nights? That is fine by us. It is kind of like taking a break, but not breaking up. No worries, our local experts can provide all the important getting a job and getting started stuff plus access to their huge database of jobs, advice on making your CV right or how to take interviews right for you entire stay in Australia. We will just do the cool fun party stuff by ourselves then.

  • Employment info session
  • Resume writing and interview advice
  • Access to a nationwide employment database
  • Access to a farmwork handbook and database
  • Weekly jobs email
  • Explore Melbourne with a guided city walk tour
  • Street food and art tour
  • 2 day trip to Mornington Peninsula and Philip Island

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