Papua New Guinea: Sea turtle conservation

An incredible turtle conservation project in one of the world’s most undiscovered locations

Spend 8 incredible days with the local tribes of the Lissenung Islands in Papua New Guinea, as we endeavour to protect threatened sea turtles and their biosphere.

Supported by the Parley Foundation your primary job is to explore the tropical beaches and warm waters of the neighbouring Islands, seeking out new turtle tracks and relocating egg nests back to Lissenung Island for protection and care.

Many species of sea turtles are so threatened that they are expected to be extinct by 2030.

Feel the absolute satisfaction of doing everything you can to arrest the decline of turtle populations in Papua New Guinea.

  • An incredible turtle conservation project in one of the world’s most undiscovered locations
  • 8-days active involvement in turtle protection in Papua New Guinea
  • Work with passionate locals to protect turtle nests from poachers and natural predators

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