Best experiences for your Fiji trip

These are the ultimate experiences Fiji offers

Fiji is a sumptuous tropical paradise that offers more than just cold drinks on the chalk-white beaches and dips in the beautiful tropical waters. We’ve gathered the best experiences in Fiji for you here.

Fiji is the place to go if you’re looking for adventure on land and sea, diving with sharks and relaxing under a palm tree on the beach.

Experiences you should try in Fiji

Diving / Snorkelling

Fiji is surrounded by coral reefs that are packed with the wildest marine life.

With warm temperatures year-round and the ability to snorkel right off the beach, snorkeling here is a must. However, the best snorkeling spots are located such that you’ll need a boat to get out there.

Shark diving is popular in Fiji and they are also known to have the best shark dives in the world. Near Beqa Lagoon Reef you’ll find one of the best shark diving sites in the world. This is one of the absolute wildest experiences in Fiji!

Island hopping

Fiji is made up of over 330 islands, so island hopping is a must. Many of the islands are uninhabited tropical paradise islands that will make even the wildest images in your head fade. Palm trees swaying in the calm breeze and blue crystal clear waters with coral reefs will make you feel like you’re in heaven on your tour of Asia.

A visit to Monuriki, considered one of the most beautiful islands in Fiji, is highly recommended. In fact, this very island was the setting for the filming of the 2001 Oscar-nominated movie Cast Away.

The beautiful waterfalls

In Fiji, you’ll find many waterfalls that are well worth a visit. However, most waterfalls in Fiji require a short hike through the jungle – and it can be a hot one!

Therefore, it’s important to remember to bring a swimsuit, because what’s better than a dip in a lake around a waterfall. On the islands of Taveuni and Vanua Levu, you’ll find some incredibly beautiful and fascinating waterfalls to visit when traveling in Fiji.

Idyllic sunset

Imagine you’re sitting on the most beautiful beach you can imagine with your favorite drink in hand. You’re looking out over the water and enjoying the sight of the sky changing color to an incredibly beautiful reddish, pink and golden hue. This is a sight you’re guaranteed to never forget.

The sunsets in Fiji are in a class of their own and are one of those experiences in Fiji that offer a glimpse of divinity.

White Water rafting

Surrounded by gorges that rise up to 100 meters into the air, floating in a boat down the river. White Water rafting, in the Upper Navua Gorge on the island of Viti Levu is one of the most wonderful trips. Imagine rafting down a river surrounded by something reminiscent of the Grand Canyon, with black lava rock cliffs overgrown with lush cascades of giant ferns and waterfalls cascading over the rocks.

The river is often referred to as the ‘River of Eden’.

Adventure travel to Fiji MUST include this absolute must!

Taste Kava

You can’t travel to Fiji without tasting their national drink “Kava”.

The drink is made from the roots of Kava mixed with water. Your mouth goes numb when drinking Kava, but it’s an experience that you just have to try.

The way to get the best experience with Kava is to take a trip to one of the local villages and do it with some of the locals.

It’s cooler to do it with them, feels more authentic and is also cheap. An authentic experience in Fiji.

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Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple

The temple is the largest Hindu temple in the southern hemisphere. The temple is known for its peaceful atmosphere as well as its stunning architecture. Located right in the heart of Nadi City, the Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple is a must-see.

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The possibilities are endless in Fiji

Fiji, with over 300 islands, epitomizes the idea that life doesn’t have to be lived in one place and that adventure travel can take you places you never knew existed. New places, new experiences. That’s Fiji.

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