Facts about Cambodia


General information about Cambodia

Language: Khemer

Capital city: Phnom Penh

Population: 15.9 million

Religion: Theravada Buddhism

Currency: Riel and USD

Map of Cambodia with the Cambodian flag


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Time Difference

Cambodia is in the timezone GMT+7 all year around.

Visa Regulations

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Trinus recommended trips and tours in and around Cambodia

5 people smiling in a blue and yellow Tuk-tuk

The very best way to really experience the awesomeness of Asia by combining the strikingly different countires of Vietnam and Thailand

An incredible tour with real purpose taking you to the best beaches, amazing national parks, island trips, and deep delve in the north.

A women at one of the Gili swings at sunset

We think this is one of the best tours on the planet. Swimming with Manta Rays, get involved in local communities and an epic volcano sunrise are among just a few on things included.

Sights & Attractions


Angkor Wat

A top attraction in Cambodia that you must experience when you’re there on your Asia tour. The temple was built around the period between 802 and 1432. The temple is majestic in size and construction when you consider when it was built. The temple was the largest in the Middle Ages and was the headquarters of Khmer kings, who continued to add to the temple during their reign. The temple itself is the world’s largest religious site, and today only a small part of the temple remains.

If you want to know more about the sights in Cambodia, we have a list of Top 10 sights in Cambodia that will give you inspiration on what to see on your trip to Asia.

Temple in Angkor Wat with water reflection
Building in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia during night time



Phnom Penh

The capital is well worth a visit as you won’t find restaurants or cafés in the same way elsewhere in the country. Abandoned during the Khmer Rouge, the city has now become a city of greatness again, and here you’ll discover a combination of historical buildings amongst the modern.




Here you’ll find red dirt roads and small villages. There are great opportunities for long walks and you can even spot vultures. You can hike to Virachey National Park, where you can see elephants, tigers and Malayan bears.

We’ve also selected 10 things we think you should do in Cambodia to ensure you have the best experiences on your Asia tour.

Elephant playing with dust
Green rice fields




The countryside around the city is dotted with rice fields and small villages. The city itself is not as vibrant as the capital, but the history of the city is inspiring enough that many backpackers choose to come here on their travels to Asia. This is also where you can experience Bamboo. A railway where the carriages are platforms made of wood and bamboo. The railway stretches from the east side of Battambang to a small village called O Srav.




Koh Rong Samloem

The island offers some fantastic sandy beaches and cozy little beach huts. Scuba diving and other water sports activities are available.

Kite boarder jumping in the ocean
Four dolphins swimming




The town has become popular with travelers due to the possibility of dolphin sightings. Safety measures have been put in place and the locals are doing a lot to protect the endangered dolphins. In the town of Kampi, north of Kratie, there are many different boat trips that you can take if you want to see dolphins.

The land of ancient temples and impressive views

In Cambodia you’ll find plenty of mystical temples, fun water sports activities and beautiful views of rice paddy valleys that are truly awe-inspiring.

If you like what you hear about Cambodia, then this might be for you.

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