Reef Conservation Volunteering – Bali

Arrival and pick up (Sunday)

Today is your arrival day, and no activities are scheduled. We suggest arriving no later than Sunday, so you have the flexibility to arrive earlier in the week if desired.

We provide pick-up services every Sunday until 5 pm. Please allocate at least an hour from your arrival time to 5 pm to ensure sufficient time for passport control and retrieving your luggage.

If you arrive before Sunday, we can arrange a pick-up from your hotel. We recommend staying in areas such as Kuta or Sanur if you plan to arrive early.

If you want to make a stop at the ATM, Money Changer, or Phone shop you can directly inform the driver.

Orientation and volunteering (Monday)

Following breakfast, our local team will collect you, and around 9 am, you’ll undergo orientation. This session covers essential information including the do’s and don’ts while in Bali, such as dress code and personal conduct guidelines. Additionally, you’ll receive detailed program information, daily schedules, and activity plans. Following orientation, you’ll promptly join activities with guidance from the volunteer coordinator.

Volunteering (Tuesday-Thursday)

Continuing your volunteering activities based on the schedule.

Weekend (Friday-Sunday)

Whether you seek a tranquil weekend lounging on the beach at the accommodation or wish to delve into all that Bali has to offer, this is your opportunity to indulge in activities of your choosing.

In your final week, Saturday marks your official last day with us. Should you desire to extend your stay, please feel free to discuss this option with us. For those heading home, we’re happy to assist in arranging your return airport drop-off. It’s important to note that this service is not covered by the program fee and typically costs around $50 per car. This expense can be shared if there are others traveling south with you.

Volunteer at a Reef Conservation in North Bali

North Bali Reef Conservation (NBRC) stands as a Non-Governmental Organization and volunteer initiative rooted in the quaint fishing hamlet of Tianyar, nestled along the serene North East coast of Bali.
The coral reef in Tianyar holds the promise of thriving as a healthy and remarkably diverse ecosystem. However, its current state reflects years of unsustainable fishing practices, leaving it in a lamentable condition. Historically, until the 1950s, Tianyar beach served as a bustling port where traders would anchor their ships directly onto the reef. Additionally, there was a period when coral harvesting was in vogue, with the precious material crushed into a fine white powder for use in local construction projects. In more recent times, the marine ecosystem faces mounting challenges, including plastic pollution suffocating marine life and pressures exerted by local fishermen.

At North Bali Reef Conservation, we’re dedicated to constructing ongoing artificial reefs in areas where natural reefs have been decimated. Collaborating closely with local fishermen, we’ve established a sustainable partnership to aid in the construction and deployment of these vital structures. This collaborative effort not only fosters sustainable employment opportunities within the local community but also offers fishermen alternative sources of income, steering them away from resource extraction practices detrimental to the marine environment.

As stewards of reef conservation, our primary focus lies in the development of artificial reefs. We employ a diverse array of designs for these structures, meticulously tailored to provide optimal habitats for a multitude of marine species. With the invaluable assistance of local fishermen, we consistently deploy these units onto previously devastated reef sites, where they serve as vital sanctuaries for marine life. To date, our endeavors have led to the construction and deployment of over 15,000 artificial reef structures, significantly bolstering marine biodiversity in the region.

North Bali Reef Conservation (NBRC) is committed to revitalizing Tianyar’s coral reefs. We collaborate with local fishermen to build and place artificial reefs, creating habitats for diverse marine species. Our sustainable approach not only enhances biodiversity but also provides alternative incomes, steering away from harmful practices. Join us in preserving Bali’s marine treasures for the benefit of present and future generations.

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