Culture Week – Hua Hin


  • Breakfast: Begin your day with a delicious breakfast.
  • Program Orientation: Receive an overview of the program to familiarize yourself with the upcoming experiences.
  • Thai Language Lesson: Immerse yourself in the local culture with a language lesson to enhance your communication skills.
  • Lunch: Enjoy a meal together with your fellow participants.
  • Project Meeting: Get introduced to your project placements for the week, setting the stagefor meaningful contributions.
  • Local Market Visit: Head to the local market to purchase essentials, including local SIM cards, currency exchange, and necessary items.
  • Dinner: Conclude the day with a satisfying dinner.


  • Breakfast at the accommodation
  • Pranburi Forest Park & Mangrove Plantations: Explore the natural beauty of Pranburi Forest Park and the intriguing mangrove plantations.
  • Pranburi Mangrove Boat Tour: Take a boat tour to immerse yourself in the unique ecosystem of Pranburi’s mangroves.
  • Lunch at the accommodation
  • Sai Noi Beach Visit: Spend the afternoon at Sai Noi Beach, enjoying the sun and sea.
  • Dinner at the accommodation


  • Breakfast
  • Chicken Drop Cave Visit: Explore the fascinating Chicken Drop Cave, a unique natural attraction. You will do a 200m trek up the hill to the cave. Prepare your trekking shoes and comfortable clothing.
  • Huay Mongkol Temple & Buddhist Rituals: Experience the cultural richness of Huay Mongkol
  • Temple and witness traditional Buddhist rituals.
  • Lunch at the accommodation
  • Market Village Mall & Souvenir Shop: Visit the Market Village Mall for shopping and explore the Souvenir Shops.
  • Dinner at the accommodation


  • Breakfast at the accommodation
  • Thai Culture Lesson: Dive into Thai history, religion, and customs through an engaging cultural lesson.
  • Lunch at the accommodation
  • Muay Thai Lesson: Learn the art of Muay Thai, a traditional Thai martial art.
  • Welcome and Goodbye Dinner: Gather for a special dinner to welcome new participants and bid farewell to those concluding their journey.


  • Breakfast at the accommodation
  • Thai Cooking Class: Engage in a hands-on Thai cooking class, exploring the flavors of Thai cuisine.
  • Lunch at the accommodation
  • Free Afternoon or Hua Hin Beach: Spend the afternoon at your leisure or visit the picturesque Hua Hin Beach.
  • Dinner: Conclude the week with a delightful dinner.


  • Departure

Based in the seaside town of Hua Hin, our program offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in Thai culture through a variety of different cultural activities and sightseeing in the morning and free time in the afternoons to fully enjoy the gorgeous beach surroundings.

Cultural Excursions

This program is filled with cultural activities that will show you authentic Thailand. During the program, you’ll get a chance to explore several famous sights around Hua Hin, followed by Thai customs, language, and cooking lessons. Buddhism will play a big part in a visit to Buddhist temples (‘Wat’ in Thai) to learn about Thai Buddhism. Moreover, there are also visits scheduled to several local markets where you can witness the local Thai lifestyle and taste scrumptious food, delicacies and other products. What a great way to end an unforgettable week by spending some quality time at the beach, and enjoying the endless view of waves!


We will take you to different beaches where you will be able to sit back, relax and unwind amidst white sand and crystal-clear blue waters. And, of course, we can’t pass up the opportunity to show you the ins and outs of this ancient historical community and its culturally significant temples, which are unlike any other city in Southeast Asia. You will also have the opportunity to offer food to monks, thus, providing you with some unforgettable memories. In addition, during outdoor activities, in order to make sure of your safety and security, you need to keep the following considerations and requirements while taking this spectacular experience. You are expected to be on time, follow all the instructions of your local coordinator and local tour guides, be attentive of your personal belongings and valuables, be more mindful of the marine and forest environment and use environmentally friendly sunblocks and sunscreen.It is also advised to bring extra cash and your container bottled water at all times.

So, it’s a perfect time for you to step into this community which is rich and has a vibrant culture that inspires and amazes you with premium once in lifetime experiences like no other. Say Yes to this action- pack cultural immersion and be mesmerized with its laidback hidden beauty restored in the longest times in Thai history.

Finally, enjoy and make the most of your stay and make memorable learning experiences.

Based in the seaside town of Hua Hin, our program offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in Thai culture through a variety of different cultural activities and sightseeing in the morning and free time in the afternoons to fully enjoy the gorgeous beach surroundings. Learn the culture, and explore nature while you prepare for your time in Thailand.

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Additional Equipment

Personal belongings such as:

● Comfortable and sturdy shoes as there are lots of activities taken by foot.

● Bring Personal toiletries such as basic soap, shampoo, toothpaste and towels.

● Bring also hat, sunglasses to protect from the heat of the sun particularly during the beach day.

● A suitable Beach attire during beach and island days.

● An environmentally friendly sunscreen or lotion is also advised to protect you from the heat of the sun and please carry with you preventive agents during outdoor activities, such as mosquito repellents for insect bites or other insects that may irritate your skin.

● Moreover, bring Medicines with you especially if you have to take specific medicines on a regular basis as well as other medicines for headaches and stomach aches.

● Refillable water bottles and hydration packs to stay hydrated throughout the day particularly during exploration and outdoor activities.

Dress Code:

● Cover up as much as possible in the spirit of the local culture to avoid embarrassment.

● Your clothes must not be too short, too tight, or too revealing. Kindly make sure your shoulders and legs are covered.

● It is completely fine to wear western clothes as long as they fit the local standards.

● Be thoughtful of the graphics, symbols or text printed on your clothing and avoid wearing clothing styles that might be inappropriate most especially when visiting temples and schools.

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