Construction and Renovation Volunteering – Bali


On Monday, after breakfast, you would start planning the project with the coordinator assigned to you. After planning and receiving the relevant information, you can have lunch. After lunch, you will leave for your assigned community location. Once your time at the location ends, you can then return to the Center and attend a meeting where you can provide feedback regarding the first day at your placement.


You will have some free time after you have your breakfast. After lunch, you will leave for your assigned community location where you will be able to do numerous construction and renovation activities which would truly leave a positive impact on the communities in need.


Participants not attending any program the following week are required to check out of their accommodation during the day on Saturday.

In this program, you would be participating in laying bricks, doing carpentry, painting, laying tiles and landscaping/gardening. A local coordinator will provide guidance and training alongside local families.

By participating in this social project, you will make a difference in the local community by helping in improving their living conditions. You would be in an artistic and relaxed environment where you are in charge of renovating and creating drawings and paintings in several kindergartens and primary schools around Ubud.

However, your main roles can or will include in helping and Assisting in the construction and renovations of community infrastructures such as schools, classrooms or playground, community centers, temples and even houses of the locals, performing light constructions and renovations efforts and activities, painting and scratching old walls of schools and other community centers, repairing and working with wood and furniture building and renovating materials and digging and assembling construction materials. This activity is fun and it would support your creativity during the process.

For all programs, it is imperative to remember that any money raised to help your project when you arrive in Bali will be very well received. Often it is hard for the participants to take too many supplies due to limitations on baggage weight but remember that Bali has some very developed shopping centres where supplies can be bought once you have arrived in the country. This is our recommended and preferred way to contribute to the program. Not only does it mean you do not have to cart the supplies on the plane with you, it means any money you spend will be invested back into the Bali economy.

Finally, with the guidance of local program coordinator and experts in the matter, we expect you to assist in the efforts of renovating, painting and building on different infrastructures to improve the quality of life of the locals and the community as a whole. Similarly, what you can expect from your efforts is to be directing and implementing your construction skills wherever they are needed most!

Keep in mind that the program aims to support the local communities and therefore your tasks can change depending on what is most necessary/helpful. Besides that, you may also have the best time throughout your stay as you will engage in fun, relaxing and recreational activities held after a long day of your program alongside other participants.

Finally, you can not miss every single weekend experiencing nearby scenic views and historic places around Bali, especially ist pristine beaches and crystal clear waters. Thus, we will make sure to assist you in organizing your weekend getaways and enjoy every bit of your time.

If you like to participate in construction activities to make a positive difference in the lives of communities, this is the ideal program for you!

This project supports small village communities in and around Ubud. It aims to build and renovate buildings that are essential for the growth and development of the local community.

Schools, playgrounds and public libraries are some of the places where your time and effort would make a difference to the local communities and their living conditions.

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