Mount Agung Hike – Bali

Getting Started

So, your journey kicks off at the Pasar Agung Temple car park (1600m), where you’ll tackle a whopping 297 steps up to the temple entrance. If you’re feeling respectful (and you totally should), light up some incense sticks and pop them on one of the shrines.

Now, the trail starts off with a left turn around the temple, cruising past a couple of water tanks before diving into some seriously dense alpine rainforest. Get ready for some serious legwork as you navigate through steep paths, dodging roots and ravines like a champ. If you’re kicking off early for that sunrise summit, don’t forget your trusty headlight to light up the way.

After about an hour of hiking, you’ll notice the forest starting to thin out and the path getting brighter. Soon enough, you’ll come across a small concrete dam doing its thing, channeling rainwater from the higher mountain areas into PVC pipes back to the reservoirs near Pura Pasar Agung. This spot usually marks the start of the first leg of the trek, where the path evens out for a bit, giving you some killer views for the journey back.

Then, after a quick breather on a flatter stretch, get ready to kick it up a notch as the path starts climbing steeply again, but this time on rocky terrain. The trees thin out, revealing awesome views of Bali below with every step up. Just a heads up, it might get a tad slippery, especially after rain. But don’t sweat it – there are a few short, steep bits where you might need to use your hands for extra grip, but nothing too crazy. This section’s gonna take you about an hour of solid uphill hustle until you hit pure volcanic rock.

Reaching the Summit

Alright, once you hit the 2425m mark, those gunning for the real summit veer left to link up with the Besakih trail heading skyward.

Now, if you’re aiming for the more accessible crater rim, get ready for a steep and rocky final stretch that’s totally worth the grind. The scenery? Epic. Picture this: Bali’s coastline sprawled out beneath you, with neighboring islands like Lombok, Nusa Lemongan, Nusa Penida, and Nusa Dua dotting the horizon. To the west, you’ve got the entire Bali mountain range and even glimpses of the towering volcanoes of East Java. Up ahead? A rugged mountaintop with Gunung Agung’s peak looming large to the left, separated by a deep, impassable volcanic ravine.

This last leg is gonna demand 1 to 1 1/2 hours of serious hustle and high-altitude climbing. But trust us, when you finally hit that rim at 2866m, the view’s gonna blow your mind. It’s volcanic scenery at its absolute finest.

The Decent

After chilling out and soaking in all that awesome adventure energy, it’s time to head back down towards Pasar Agung. But hold up – before we hit the road, let’s treat ourselves to a well-deserved lunch to refuel for the journey back to South Bali. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you after all that hiking! So, grab a bite, swap some stories about the epic trek, and get ready to hit the road feeling pumped and satisfied. Let’s do this!

What clothes should I wear?

The summit of the mountain is 3142 meters above sea level, so the temperature will be colder at the summit. We recommend you bring a warm jacket, a raincoat and wear long pants. Layers are always a good idea, as you can easily regulate to feel comfortable. You might be warm and sweaty on the way to the summit, but feel cold at the top.

A coat that can be folded to fit into your pocket is ideal.

Bring a comfortable backpack to carry water bottles, wear good walking shoes and bring some snacks.

Is it dangerous to hike Mt. Agung?

Mt. Agung is an active volcano but at the time of writing it is quiet.
The mountain is monitored closely by experts and we would never risk the safety of our travellers. If there are any warnings, the hike will be cancelled.

Do I need to be fit to reach the summit?

The hike is quite demanding at times, so we recommend you have decent physical strength. It can be mentally challenging at times as well, as the climb is steep, especially close to the summit. Consult with us before booking if you are unsure.

I am not a morning person, can I hike later in the day?

It happens to be cloudy and possibly rainy around lunch time, so in order to ensure you get the most out of your hike, we recommend the early start.
We know it can be hard getting out of bed early in the morning, but we promise you it is all worth it!

Hike to the summit of the highest volcano in Bali

At an impressive elevation of 3142 meters (10,308 feet), Mount Agung stands proudly at an elevation of 3142 meters (10,308 feet), dominating the scenic panorama of Bali. It claims the title of the island’s highest peak and carries profound spiritual significance among the local populace. According to local lore, as the gods fashioned their mountain thrones, they ordained this peak to rise majestically in the east, symbolizing reverence for the Balinese culture.

For those keen on hiking or seeking an exhilarating adventure, ascending Mount Agung is an absolute essential. There are two primary routes to consider: embarking from Pasar Agung temple to the crater rim at 2918 meters, requiring approximately 8 hours for a round trip, or continuing the ascent to the summit, a journey spanning around 12 hours in total.

The itinerary varies depending on the chosen route. It’s worth noting that while the dry season (March to October) is traditionally considered optimal for mountain treks, certain days during the wet season (November to February) still offer feasible opportunities to undertake this expedition.

Embark on the ultimate adventure with a Mount Agung hike, scaling Bali’s highest peak for an awe-inspiring experience.

As you trek through rugged terrain and lush forests, anticipation builds for the summit sunrise, where sweeping vistas unveil the island’s beauty in all its glory, rewarding every step of the journey.

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  • Transport to and from Hike
  • Entrance fees
  • Climbing Guide
  • Lunch. Note: As you will be choosing your menu items, those with special dietary needs or allergies can order items suitable to their requirements
  • Simple breakfast, Tea/Coffee, Head Torch, Walking stick


  • Reusable water bottle
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Warm clothes, preferably layers

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