Travel and Cancellation Insurance

Unfortunately you MUST have travel insurance to travel with us and with most of our partners. Travel insurance comes in all shapes and sizes – some covers multiple trips, some covers only medical emergencies, some can be obtained via your credit card or bank, and some is extremely comprehensive. We have worked with the best in the industry to simplify travel insurance for you. We offer two types of travel insurance:

Cancellation Insurance

Cancellation insurance covers the cost of your trip in the event you personally can’t travel. So, this is not if the trip itself is cancelled but rather if you get sick or injured and can’t begin the trip. The actual criteria when cancellation insurance kicks in are:

  • Death or acute illness/injury of you (the insured person) or a close family member
  • If for medical reasons you are unable to get a vaccination
  • If you are called for military service or as a witness in the court of law
  • When the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (or similar) advises against entry, but the airline/travel company continues to travel to the area

The cost of cancellation insurance is 7% of the total cost of your trip at time of booking. It must be paid for when you do you initial booking. Cancellation insurance won’t cover any credit card fees or administration fees charged by the suppliers but it will cover the bulk of your trip. Once you start travelling cancellation no longer applies and here you need travel insurance.

Travel Insurance

Once you start travelling you need travel insurance for everything from cancelled flights to medical emergencies. We know it is one of those costs that you just wish you did not have to pay – but when the time comes and you need it, you will be thankful.

Travel insurance with Trinus Travel is very simple to calculate:

  • For travel anywhere in the world EXCEPT the USA and Canada €2.20 per day
  • For worldwide travel including USA and Canada €2.88 per day

So easy, work out how many days you are travelling for and where you are going. Count from the day you are leaving – not from the day you arrive, and from the day you get back, not from the day you leave to come back. This ensures for example, if you flight to start your journey is delayed or cancelled you are covered.

What’s Included?

Sum Insured (per insured person, across all sections below)


Hospital Room & Board Benefit: Subject to Semi-private room rate Intensive Care/Cardiac Care Unit Benefit

Hospital or Day Surgery Miscellaneous Expense Benefit
Surgeon (In or Outpatient) Benefits
Anesthesia Benefit
Diagnostic X-Ray and Lab Benefit Ambulance Benefit
Inpatient or Outpatient Consultation Benefit Prescription Drugs Benefit
Emergency Dental Coverage (in case of an accident)
Palliative Dental

Paid in full, however, the following additional limits shall apply:

  • €100,000.00 for persons over 70 years old.
  • €100,000.00 for Treatment of body injuries resulted from using sports vehicles or any two or three wheeled motorized vehicles
  • €30,000.00 for Emergency Treatment of an acute exacerbation of a Pre-Existing Medical Condition (including
  • €15,000.00 for Complications of Pregnancy up to the 20th week of pregnancy)

€ 250.00


Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

Repatriation or Burial locally

Emergency Medical Reunion

Continuation (Return to Host Country)

Compassionate Repatriation

paid in full

€ 25,000.00

Economy round trip ticket (up to the Sum Insured)

€ 5,000.00

€ 5,000.00


Trip Delay by 6 hours or more

Hospitalization Daily Allowance

Missed Connection

Loss of Luggage

Missed Connection

Lost or Stolen Passport

Third Party Liability incl Bodily Injury and Property Damage

€ 2,000.00 including accommodations
(€ 150.00/day)

€ 50 every 24 hours
(from the third day of Hospitalization)/up to € 1,000.00


€ 1,000.00

€ 2,000.00

€ 100.00 per day; up to € 300.00 max

€ 100.00

€ 10,000.00


Trip Cancellation / Interruption

“Coronavirus SARS CoV2 (COVID-19) tests and Treatment (Epidemic or pandemic exclusions are not applicable for COVID-19)
medical evacuation related to COVID-19;
PCR virus detecting test for COVID-19 if prescribed by the Doctor in case of confirmed symptoms;
treatment of COVID-19 infection, including Hospitalization, medication, and local transportation costs; and
any resulting complications. Exclusions:
rapid antibody testing;
tests undergone by the Insured Person in order to meet the requirements of the authorities applicable to people entering a country from another country;
tests undergone by the Insured Person without Doctor’s prescription.”

€ 5,000.00 – € 100 deductible

Subject to the relevant limits established in other sections of Schedule of Benefits, but not more than €100,000 in aggregate

What is not included?

In both the cancellation insurance and the travel insurance any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries will not be covered. Contact the U. Team if you have any questions on this. A U. Team member will help you with any other conditions or exclusions.

Ask about customised groups

If you are a group of 4 or more people, we can help you tailor your trip. We’ll take care of all the practicalities and make sure all the details are taken care of. 

All groups have a personal travel consultant with a 24/7 emergency phone.

Specialists in study tours, families, school groups and large friend groups.

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